Monday, February 21, 2011

Rough Week

Well, I knew it would happen and it finally did.  Last Tuesday Eli had his first fever.  Since he can't go to daycare with a fever and I had been up and down all night trying to help him feel better, I stayed home with him.  But after one dose of Tylenol the fever vanished and he did well the rest of the day, sleeping for most of it so I decided not to visit the doctor.  Wednesday went fine.  In fact, he rolled over for the very first time on Wednesday night.   But Wednesday night was rough and on Thursday the ladies at daycare mentioned how stuffy he was.  We were already aware and had been using a humidifier and sucking his nose but it seemed to be getting worse, he even started coughing pretty bad.  That night he slept in our room, sitting up in his bouncy seat because it was so bad. 

So on Friday morning I was convinced he needed to go to the doctor.  We got some amoxicilin for a possible ear infection and zyrtec because the doctor thinks he has allergies (which I also suffer with and have since I was a baby).  Saturday was no fun either but finally yesterday morning he woke up feeling much, much better.  He even watched some of the Daytona 500 with Doug, showed Doug how he could roll over, and played in his walker.

I am sooo glad he is feeling better and I hope we stay away from sickness as much as possible.  It is just no fun having a sick baby who is looking to you to make it better, but unable to tell you what is wrong :(

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  1. So sorry to hear he was sick. Little one's being sick is horrible to deal with as a parent because you feel so helpless.

    Hope he has turned the corner and is on his way to crawling!