Monday, August 30, 2010


Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is still going good with me and Eli after our appointment today.

Not really anything to report, just another week down and 3 more weeks until the stitch comes out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let the Fun Begin

I wish you could see the sarcasm dripping from the title of this post.

My doctor told me early on that if I had more than 4 or more contractions in an hour I needed to let her know.  So after a rough night on Monday I called the office first thing and told them about my contractions.  The nurse told me to rest as much as possible, push fluids and call back if there were any changes.  So a good friend brought me three big mugs of water and I did my best to sit with my feet up at work.  But this is a busy week for me, so the rest thing didn't really happen as much as it probably should have.  Then, about 3:30pm I noticed a little bit of spotting.  I immediately called the doctor's office.  When the nurse called me back she suggested we go ahead and come to labor and delivery. 

Thankfully, my shift was over by then so I was able to leave without having to call someone else to come in.  I called the same friend who brought the water and asked her to take me to Montgomery where we could meet Doug.  Then Doug and I drove the rest of the way to the hospital.  By the time we got there I had had serveral more contractions, although I wasn't timing them because I knew I was going to the hospital anyway. 

It took a little while to get us to a room because they were really busy, but finally we got settled and they got me on the monitors.  After a little while the nurse came in and said that I wasn't having wild contractions, but it was enough to concern her.  So she checked me, just to be safe (still not dilated) and gave me a shot of terbutaline.  Then I got to enjoy the not-so-wonderful side effects of that drug.  If you've never had it before, it makes you really shaky and you feel like your heart is racing.  I'd had it when I was hospitalized with Logan so it was a somewhat familiar feeling, but two years can make you forget!  After I got the shot, the contractions went away completely and they sent me home with instructions to rest.

The nurses think I had just done too much, not had enough fluids and then the anxiety that the original contractions caused for me just made it worse.  So on our way home we got some Tylenol PM and I slept in until 8 o'clock this morning.  I'm feeling much better now and am back at work. 

All I can say is that I'm definitely looking forward to being off of work and in Alabaster for the last 3 weeks. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Predictions Anyone?

I had another appointment today.  Everything is still going great and we're still on track.  My doctor told me that as of next Saturday I will no longer qualify for steroids or magnesium if I go into labor which just goes to show how great everything is going for us.

This weekend was kind of crazy.  Friday night I just wasn't the least bit tired and ended up staying awake until 2 or 3am.  Of course Saturday morning I slept in until 9 or 10am!  We didn't have anything to do this weekend so we pretty much just sat around after Doug finished mowing the grass.  We watched the NASCAR race Saturday night and then relaxed for a while on Sunday before I left for Alabaster.  I went a little early this weekend because Doug and I were having a hard time installing the car seat we had bought when I was pregnant with Logan.  So I decided to go to the fire department in Alabaster, who installed the same car seat in our car two years ago.

Well, that didn't go so well, they got the car seat in but it was definitely not at the correct angle for a newborn.  So my mom and I went out looking for something to correct the angle issue.  We bought a car seat leveler but it wasn't enough because of the slope of our van seats so I started looking at the different car seats in the store.  I ended up picking a Britax car seat that I really liked and when we put it in the van it worked soooo much better.  I was so relieved to finally have a car seat that fit correctly without a huge gap! 

And then we found out that the car seat I had bought was on sale at Target.  They didn't have a pattern that I liked at the Target in Alabaster so we ended up buying this car seat online:

I feel so much better knowing that it fits so well and it was definitely worth the money.

And this morning I found a screw in one of my tires and had to go have it patched before I could come home.

While we were waiting at the tire place my mom and I started talking about when Eli will come and decided to start a little pool.  Not that there's really any prize for the winner, but we're taking guesses/predictions for the date and time he will be born.  So if you'd like to play along, let me know your guess.  I'm keeping a list of all the guesses and it will be fun to see who is closest.

So that you have all the information, today I am 33 weeks 2 days.  My stitch will be removed on or about Sept. 20 (if I make it that far).  My due date is Oct. 9.  So guess away and I'll let everyone know who won when Eli gets here!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Note


It's been 4 years today since we got married.
 It seems like a lifetime ago.

And what a journey it's been.

I wouldn't have chosen the path we have traveled, but I also know that it has made us stronger.  As individuals and as a couple.

It's been a twisty road and we are quickly approaching another turn.  We can see it coming just ahead, but we have no way of knowing what's around that curve. 

But I do know there is no one else in the world I'd rather be riding with.  I love you with everything I am and I look forward to every day of our life together!

Monday, August 16, 2010

17 Down, 4 to Go

One more appointment is in the books.  I was out in 30 min. again this week :)

I have had 17 progesterone shots and only have 4 left!  I can't wait until that first Monday that I don't get poked with a needle.

Everything is still going really well, cervix is still good which is what we really want.  My blood pressure is good and my growth is right on track.  And as a little bonus, I actually lost 2 lbs. since my last appointment.

Other than that, life is pretty mundane.  Just a series of days filled with work and resting followed by busy weekends which end with me driving to my parents for the next appointment.

Since I found out I was pregnant, I had sworn off getting anything ready for Eli.  I didn't want to wash clothes, set up the nursery or put the car seat in the van until we knew he was coming home. 

That ended very abruptly Saturday morning when I woke up with an insane need to get EVERYTHING ready.  Every little outfit is clean, all the diapers are out; sheets and bumper on the crib; carseat completely cleaned.  The only reason the carseat isn't in the van is that I still hadn't bought the seat protector Doug wanted.  So I bought that Sunday and the carseat will be going in soon.  My hospital bag is packed and at my mom's, along with the things we will be taking to the cemetary on our way home.

So now we just wait.  I am so looking forward to holding Eli for the first time and to bringing him home. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

31 Weeks and Counting

Well, I am 5 days shy of being 8 months pregnant, what an amazing feeling!

The doctor appointment went great again today and my cervix is still holding up perfectly.  It seems the combination of cerclage and hydroxyprogesterone shots is working and I couldn't be more pleased.

Prenatal class went well although it was a little bit boring.  And we got to spend some time in my parents' neighborhood pool which was a lot of fun.

Other than that, we're just counting down the days until we meet our monster man!

Monday, August 2, 2010

What a Difference!

So much for all of my research.  When Doug and I went to check on the caterpillars this morning we found this:
We also noticed a caterpillar that seems to be curling up into the pre-cocoon stage so I will be keeping a close eye on that one.  And we found a new caterpillar as well, that is much smaller than any of the others.  I do think my research was somewhat accurate though, because we had at least 5 big caterpillars when I checked yesterday and we're down to 2 big ones, this cocoon and the little guy now.  So I'm guessing the other 2 went off to cocoon somewhere else.

I started my weekly appointments today.

And everything is going great with our monster man!  I am measuring spot on every week and my cervix continues to look good.  I was literally in the office less than 30 minutes today and I hope I can keep up that record for at least the rest of August. 

On Saturday we will be attending Prenatal Class since we didn't get the chance before Logan was born and I really want to get the Infant CPR and Breastfeeding information.

We also filled up a calendar month on Saturday with G's:
It's amazing to me to think about how far we've really come.  We were so proud of each of the 11 Gs on Logan's calendar (on the right in the picture).  And we've already put 49 Gs on Eli's (on the left).  Even though I am looking forward to the day we put "Douglas Elijah born" on the calendar, I am also looking forward to every G we write between now and then.

In other news, it has been so ridiculously hot around here that we have hardly spent any time in the butterfly garden.  We have lost some of our plants completely because of the heat and weeds had started to take over.  Yesterday while I was on my way to Birmingham, Doug did some weeding and found this little guy with 4-5 of his brothers and sisters:

I'm really excited because I wasn't sure we would get any caterpillars this year.  These guys are swallowtail caterpillars.  They don't stick around to cocoon so we won't be getting to see them transform but at least our garden is still working.  I saw a big swallowtail coming around quite a bit a few weeks ago so I'm guessing these are her babies.  We're also seeing Gulf Fritillary butterflies and one or two Painted Ladies.  No Monarchs yet, which is a slight disappointment after the success we had last year with our Monarch caterpillars and cocoons.