Monday, July 26, 2010

House Project Complete

Well, we're finally done with all the work around the house!

We still have to get everything that was moved to empty the rooms back to its place, but the actual work is finished.  I can use my kitchen and both bathrooms!  Not to mention that I can almost see my desk in my craft room and the nursery is as finished as it's going to get before Eli gets here. 

Master Bathroom:

The wall clock in my craft room/office:

Cubby for scrapbook embellishments and my chalkboard:


Guest Bathroom:

Nursery/Guest Room:

Giraffes have kind of been our thing since Logan was born so we have a lot of giraffe decorations in the nursery.  This little rocking chair was Doug's when he was a kid and his parents had it recovered for us and got a little ottoman that they had covered as well.  I love it!

It's probably going to take us a couple of weeks to actually feel like we live in our house again because of my lack of energy and Doug's long work hours, but we're definitely on the way there.  I do not know how people who do real renovations in their houses live that way for months on end.  I'd go absolutely crazy!  We can't find anything because nothing is where it's supposed to be, and all we did was paint and add a backsplash in the kitchen.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

28 Weeks and Counting

I went to the doctor on Monday and everything is still going good with me and Eli.  I will not go back for another two weeks (at least not for a planned appointment) and then I will start going every week. 

While I was there I asked my doctor if we were being naive to talk about/plan on the stitch being removed at 37 weeks.  She told us early on that she would remove it then, if we made it that far, so I was curious what her thoughts were. 

She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no either. 

In fact, right after she told me that she has indeed removed stitches at 37 weeks, she said that Eli and I may very well be home by Sept. 18 (which is when I am 37 weeks exaclty).  I told her that as long as he was home with me, I was fine with that.  And I got a big dose of confidence when she immediately said how great we were doing. 

You would probably have had to be there to fully understand, but my doctor is somewhat pessimisstic.  So to hear her say how great we were doing (and she said it 3 or 4 times), made me feel extremely excited about how close we are.

In less than 12 weeks, we will be holding Eli! 

It's amazing to say that and to know that it could be less than 9 weeks.  While I'm not hoping or wishing for a preemie, I am truly looking forward to Eli's Birth Day. 

Now I'm trying to decide whether or not to order the preemie version of the Little Brother onesie I already have in a newborn size. 

On the way home from the hospital Doug, Eli and I will be stopping by the cemetery.  We have a Big Brother doll and an angel statue where the angel is holding a baby that we will be taking to his spot.  I really want Eli to be wearing the Little Brother onesie which is why I'm considering buying the preemie version. 

As for the remodeling we've been doing, we are almost done!  Our stove is still sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor while we wait the required time before putting the grout on the backsplash, and our stuff is still spread all over the house, but all of the original rooms have been painted and are ready to be decorated!

The guest bathroom is complete except for a few minor items I want to get. 

Now we're considering painting what will be Eli's room.  The color now is a light tan but it has a lot of marks on it and needs to be touched up.  We put shelves in when I was pregnant with Logan, one of which we painted green and the other red to coordinate with the Rainforest bedding we bought.  So, if we decide to change the color I'm my parents and Doug are going to paint it a light blue and paint on white clouds.  I really like the idea, but we've got almost a full gallon of the paint that is already in there and I'm still trying to decide if I want to spend the extra money on the new color of paint. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 Years

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since we held Logan for the last time.

And yet in a way, it seems like it's been a lifetime.

I can remember that day in slow motion, almost down to the exact words and feelings I had at the time.  And yet sometimes I feel like I can barely remember what it felt like to hold him. 

This is going to be a hard week.  It's already been a hard week, because I freaked out again today and Mom and I drove off to Birmingham to see the doctor.  Everything is fine with Eli and with me but I just couldn't convince myself that the problems were ordinary pregnancy issues.

On a happier note, while I was there, I found out I passed my glucose test!  My sister's wedding went great and more importantly it's over :)  And my parents are here painting my house.  We've got the office and the guest bathroom primed so far and my dad has started on the green in the office.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update: 26 weeks

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a doctor's appointment today and everything looks great!

I have been going every other week but we've known all along that at some point I will start going every week.  My doctor had mentioned at my last appointment that we would be making that decision every appointment based on how I'm doing.  Well, after she checked me today she said I don't have to come back for two weeks, so that's great news.  I'm hoping for one more two week appointment after that one.  We have already agreed that I will start weekly appointments in August so I'm just hoping that I can make it through July only having two appointments, because that will mean Eli and I are doing very well.

I am 26 weeks and 3 days today so I had my glucose test.  Be praying that I passed because that drink was disgusting and I do NOT want to have to do the 3 hour test :)  Of course, I also don't want to have gestational diabetes.

While we were waiting to do my bloodwork my mom and I went to visit the NICU nurses.  We got to spend a little time with the head nurse there and talk to her which was really great.  I try to stop by as often as I can because I am so appreciative of them.  After Logan died, it was strange for me because the nurses had become my closest friends, the people that I talked to on a daily basis.  And when I came home, I didn't get to see them or talk to them and I really felt like I didn't have anything to talk about.  The subject that had consumed me for over a month was gone.  Doug and I had planned to take pictures of each of the nurses with Logan before we left the NICU but that didn't happen and I told the nurse today that we will do that with Eli.  Even if he doesn't go to the NICU.

So far I have 15 G's on my calendar at home.   It feels so good to mark each one off.  And yet so weird to say that I am this far along. 

One week from tomorrow will be the 2 year anniversary of the day Logan died, what we call his Angel Day.  It has been such a long journey to get to this point and I am hoping that getting through that day will help me relax, at least a little bit.  My sister is getting married this weekend so that will be some what of a distraction and then my parents are coming down on Sunday after the wedding to paint my house and put up the tile backsplash.  I can't wait to show pictures of how it turns out! 

I know Wednesday is going to be a tough day, but on Saturday we get to start going to church at the church in Troy.  We had some issues with the priest there at Logan's funeral and haven't been back, except for twice when he was out of town.  But the church is getting a new priest this weekend and I have already talked to some of the parish members about Doug and I getting involved in the church activities.  We have wanted to be involved in our church for a long time but because we were travelling 30 minutes to an hour to get there it really wasn't possible.  Being able to get to church in about 5 minutes will make it so much easier on us.  Apparently we weren't the only people who left this church because of the priest so I kind of feel like we are getting involved with the start of a new church and I am really excited about it.  When I was in college I was active in the Catholic campus group but it has pretty much ceased to exist since I graduated.  The lady I spoke with was very excited about Doug and I coming back and mentioned that we would be great to help with the campus program.  It really got me excited and I can't wait to start doing... something, anything with the church.  Even if it doesn't end up being with the campus program.