Friday, May 4, 2012

Prayers and a Sneak Peek

It's crazy how after you've been through a tough situation it seems like you see stories similar to your own so often.  I'm quite sure the number of babies with health problems hasn't increased since Logan was born, I just take more notice because I've been there.  So today I'm asking you to pray for three babies who need the prayers.

First is baby Blaze Johnson.  His dad is a friend of ours.  Little Blaze was born early and has a problem with his heart.  He is scheduled to have his 3rd open heart surgery on Monday.  He and his parents could use all the prayers they can get through the weekend and on Monday.

Next is Halle Scott.  Her mom was only 18 weeks pregnant when she started dilating.  Halle Scott was born at 24 weeks and weighed only slightly less than Logan weighed when he was born.

Last but certainly not least is a baby not born yet.  Several weeks ago I happened to click on an ultrasound pic on facebook.  I thought it was a picture of a friend but turns out it showed up because my friend had commented on the picture.  It was actually a picture of a friend of her's.  Anyway, when I clicked on the picture  I noticed the profile picture of the poster was a tiny little miropreemie.  That made me very curious so I clicked to the profile.  Turns out this woman had a preemie born on Logan's 3rd birthday. God doesn't make mistakes people!  The ultrasound picture was of her rainbow baby.  I sent the woman a message telling her my story and that I was praying for her and her new baby and that I was there if she wanted to talk.  We've been talking back and forth ever since.  She is about 21 weeks and has been put on bed rest because of contractions.  Please pray that she makes it to term or at least far enough along that sweet baby breezes right through the NICU.

On a different subject, I told you already that in April we had our pictures taken by MckMama, well she posted a preview picture of our session and I personally think it's adorable :)