Friday, October 4, 2013



It is amazing to think about how you have changed in the last 12 months!

You have become a big brother and a great one at that.  I have seen your heart grow with love for your sister.

You have expanded your interests to Bob the Builder, Mickey Mouse, Cars, and Bambi.  Trains remain your favorite though and your collection is growing and growing.

You've grown physically of course.  When I went to the hospital to have Emily you were just my little baby and yet just hours later you walked in the room a big boy.

You are completely potty trained, day and night.

You can count to 14 without missing a beat, know your ABCs, introduce yourself as Douglas Elijah Gooden and your sister as Emily Rebecca, can spell Eli, know all your colors, recognize stop signs, and can sing several songs all by yourself.

You say our meal prayer and bed time prayer, love to sing Holy, Holy and people always tell us how good you are at Mass (even when Daddy and I don't feel like you've been very good).

You like chicken, peanut butter and jelly and "dip" aka italian dressing.  You don't like potatoes unless they are french fries.

We call you an elephant because you seemingly remember everything.  When we went to our first high school football game of the season you said it was going to be "green and purple football", we were confused until we remembered that the last high school football game we took you to had uniforms of those colors.

You always let Mommy have the last kiss and will tell everyone that Mommy loves you the most and that Mammaw spoils you.  In the last few weeks you have started to say "I already told you 3 times..." when something is really important to you.

Your best friends are Iyanna and Andrew but anytime you see kids you refer to them as your best friends.

And most of all, you are loved more each and every day.  Every time I look at you or think of you my heart fills to overflowing.  Remember how much we love you and that we will always have your back, even when it seems like we don't.