Monday, July 26, 2010

House Project Complete

Well, we're finally done with all the work around the house!

We still have to get everything that was moved to empty the rooms back to its place, but the actual work is finished.  I can use my kitchen and both bathrooms!  Not to mention that I can almost see my desk in my craft room and the nursery is as finished as it's going to get before Eli gets here. 

Master Bathroom:

The wall clock in my craft room/office:

Cubby for scrapbook embellishments and my chalkboard:


Guest Bathroom:

Nursery/Guest Room:

Giraffes have kind of been our thing since Logan was born so we have a lot of giraffe decorations in the nursery.  This little rocking chair was Doug's when he was a kid and his parents had it recovered for us and got a little ottoman that they had covered as well.  I love it!

It's probably going to take us a couple of weeks to actually feel like we live in our house again because of my lack of energy and Doug's long work hours, but we're definitely on the way there.  I do not know how people who do real renovations in their houses live that way for months on end.  I'd go absolutely crazy!  We can't find anything because nothing is where it's supposed to be, and all we did was paint and add a backsplash in the kitchen.

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  1. The house looks great! Glad everything is going well with baby Eli.