Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I just wanted to hop on and show all of you my new kitchen table.

And the chairs.

It's not actually here yet.  It won't be here until next Saturday.  But I can't wait.  It's a little bit bigger than the table we have now and extends to be even bigger for when we have guests.

Oh and I picked a new decorative tile for my backsplash.

We will still use the white subway tiles, but this will be where the ceramic diamond shaped tiles were in my earlier post.  It's kind of metallic and I think it's going to look MUCH better with my countertops.  And it'll look great with the red paint. 

Doug and my dad are going to start building some cabinets for my craft room the same weekend that the table comes.  I can't wait to finally be able to organize in there instead of just having paper and scrapbooks stacked in different corners!  I'll take pictures so you can see whenever they finish.  Although if you count the painting, that may be a few months away.

We've got lots going on around here.  A good friend of mine who lives in Tennessee is visiting tonight and next weekend we get to see our Georgia friends.  And I'm gearing up for the March in April.  I've already gotten a big start on my donations from my Tennessee friend.  I love ya girl!

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