Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wonderous Ways

For whatever reason I have been in a bit of a funk lately. I think it has something to do with the fact that last year I was very deep into the grieving process at this point and some of those feelings are coming back. Also, baby G. (my friend's baby) is 9 months old now and starting to be lots of fun. And, a good friend of mine from back when I was pregnant contacted me recently. She and I were due within a week of each other and spent our early pregnancies chatting about everything we were going through. It's been wonderful to talk to her after so long, but seeing the pictures of her little October baby makes me think about what Logan would be doing if things were different.

And just when I'm starting to feel really sorry for myself, God steps in and reminds me that this is His show, not mine.

You may not know much about butterflies, so give me a minute to explain this to you. That is a Monarch caterpillar. Monarch butterflies live in the northern states, even into Canada. Every fall they migrate south to Mexico. They're kinda like Snowbirds, or birds for that matter. They can't live in the freezing temperatures that Canada and northern states offer, so they migrate South for the winter and then back North in the spring. And that migration has brought the caterpillars to our house. We even spotted one butterfly!

These caterpillars will eat and eat at our garden, probably destroying the butterflyweed plants we have out there. Then, they'll start the process of metamorphisizing into butterflies. When they emerge as butterflies, they will leave us again and continue South. This is most likely the third generation of Monarchs, which means they will die approximately 2-6 weeks after becoming butterflies. But not before they mate and lay eggs for the fourth generation. It will be that generation of butterflies that hibernates in Mexico and then emerges next spring to begin the journey back North.

Hopefully we'll get to see the journey again in the spring, but even if we don't I'm so glad we got to see it now. Isn't it amazing how God makes this world work! Isn't it wild that a little tiny caterpillar can change into a beautiful butterfly! And what's even more amazing is that God gave us this world. He gave us it's beauty and yet we take it for granted every day, we get upset with him when things don't go our way, we feel like he's taking from us when we lose loved ones. I think we all need to try to remember to look at all we are being given, on a daily basis.

God didn't take away my son and neither did the devil. God GAVE my son eternal life and the best home possible. He gave my son everything and I feel blessed and humbled that He chose my son to have it, and that He is just waiting to give it to me.

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  1. "God didn't take away my son and neither did the devil." -- Wise, loving and faithful words. It took me a long time to understand this about life's heartbreaks, but now that I do, my eyes and heart are more open to God's love! Bless both of you for loving Logan, taking joy in your blessings, and being sweet messengers of God's love! - Donna