Monday, June 27, 2016


Happy Birthday my sweet boy! 

8.... 8.... it just seems like such a big number.  I was thinking the other day and realized you would be going into 3rd grade this coming school year!  Just like always the days leading up to your birthday have been hard.  Thinking of who you would be and what you would be interested in.  All the what ifs we've lived with every single day since you left us. 

Eli talks about you all the time and tells people about you almost everywhere we are.  Sometimes it's hard because we have to explain the situation but it's so nice to see his love for you. 

So much has changed for us this year and I'm pretty sure this next year will be no different.  I know you watch over us and I feel your presence in so many ways.  A few weeks ago Eli and Emily were playing in the pool in the backyard and this butterfly flew up and all around us for quite some time.  It just really felt like you were there, wanting to play with your little brother and sister. 

I love you Logan and I look forward to the day I will hold you again in Heaven!  Please watch over us, especially Daddy in the coming months.  We are likely going to need to feel you close.

Love always,

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