Sunday, January 17, 2016


Oh my sweet girl!  It is so very hard for me to understand how you got to 3 so quickly!  Your life has passed in a flash for me, even though I remember several hard, never-ending days in there.

We celebrated your birthday very early this year because of Daddy's work schedule and our big trip to Disney World.  We are at Animal Kingdom today and if you are half as excited as you have been in the days leading up to this trip I know it will be a magical day.  For your birthday we did a Sheriff Callie theme and you were so excited you talked about it for weeks and have still been talking about it.  While we were setting up you nearly had me in tears because every few minutes you would look around and then come up to me and say "Thank you for my Sheriff Callie birthday!".  Knowing that I played any part in making that look come on your face is something I absolutely cherish.

You have the very sweetest heart and constantly say "I love you" and kiss me.  And you give the biggest and best hugs ever, squeezing with all of your might.

You love you Daddy and your brother SO SO much.  And the cats.  The love you have for both Penny and Ginger is amazing to watch.

You are such a big girl and like to do things by yourself and for the most part, when you put your mind to something you get it done.

You are about 38 in. tall, 34 lbs. wear a size 3T and a size 9 shoe.  You love girly things like makeup and dresses and finger nail polish but you also love to play with your brother's cars and planes.

I honestly cannot believe this is your last full year in daycare.  Next Christmas will be the last one before you start preschool.  It breaks my heart to know you are growing up so fast but I am loving every minute of watching you become your own little person.

At your eye doctor appointment this week someone asked you your name and for the first time, you weren't shy, you piped right up, "Emowee Gooden".  Just one more small way you're growing up and not needing me anymore.  But I'll always be here little girl!  You may not need me often, but whenever you do, I'm here.

I love you so, so much and I hope you are having the most amazing birthday ever.


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