Friday, June 8, 2012


Clothing size has never really bothered me.  I mean sure, I'd love to snap my fingers and be able to wear a size much smaller than I do, but since that isn't going to happen, I've just never seen any point letting the number on a tag bother me.

That is until Eli came along.  Kids grow so fast and the numbers on those tags change a lot.  I remember being excited when it switched from "Newborn" to "3 months", but after that switch, it's become kind of bittersweet.  I think I actually cried when I put up the 3 month clothes to make room for the 6 months.  And 12 months seemed like a pretty big step too.  But last night, we made the biggest jump so far and I was so NOT prepared for the sudden realization that my baby is a big boy!

Last night I pulled out my stash of bigger clothes with the intention of just getting out the 24 month short sleeve shirts.  I had noticed that the 18 month shirts were getting a little small but the shorts seemed to fit just fine.  When I started going through the pile I found some shorts that were 2T and just to see how big they were I decided to have Eli try them on.  Much to my surprise they fit perfectly.  Next I pulled out a 2T shirt and had him try that on.  It was a little big on him but not swallowing him the way I had expected it too.

And it was like he knew that the shirt was some status symbol too because he wouldn't let me take it off and kept showing off in it.

Don't get me wrong, I've noticed that he's growing.  Just the other day when I was cooking dinner I turned my back for just one second and when I turned around he had a knife in his hand that I had purposely put "a safe distance from the edge".  Thankfully he was holding the knife by the handle and he only had it for a second, but it scared me to death and I got onto him about getting stuff off the counter (and then I cried thinking about all the things that could have happened).  It really made me realize how much taller he has gotten.

He talks all the time which also makes me realize how much he's growing and he's starting to sing a little bit too.  He has become completely obsessed with trains and if there is a train on the tracks across the street from daycare I nearly have to drag him to the car.  He watches Chuggington and will sing parts of the theme song whenever it comes on.

And sometimes it's the things he says that makes him seem so much more grown up than before.  A few weeks ago we got him a couple of Chuggington train toys.  The next day we were going out to eat with Doug's parents and as we were leaving he picked up one of the trains.  I asked him if he wanted to take the train with us and he said "No, two!".  He picked up the other train and walked right to the door and I just stood there, kind of amazed.

I know he still has so much growing to do and I love watching him grow and learn... but I so wish I could slow down the clock.

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  1. Don't blink!!!! Amelia is already in 24 months also!