Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eli Update

It seems like it's been a long time since I've done an update about Eli and all he is doing so here goes.

Eli is just a few days shy of being 17 months old.

He was around 32-33 in. tall last time we were at the doctor's office and holding steady at around 25.5 lbs.  These numbers are vague because we've been to the doctor so many times since 2012 started I stopped getting exact measurements from them.  It all started when we got back from a trip to Kentucky in mid-January.  First it was just a cold.  Then Eli started running a fever and the doctor was worried about RSV and the flu since they were going around.  Eli tested negative for both of those so they decided it was a viral cold.  Then I got sick suddenly, also tested negative for the flu, but ended up developing pneumonia.  That same weekend, Eli developed c. diff and we ended up having to put him on an antibiotic for that.  This whole time I continued to run a fever so I had to go back to the doctor for a follow-up x-ray, they didn't find anything so they didn't understand the fever but told me not to worry unless it got above 101.  Then Eli started running a fever again out of nowhere for several days with no other symptoms.  The doctor did a CBC and a follow-up c. diff test but everything came back fine.  Finally, on Sunday morning Eli and I both went a whole day without a fever, it felt like such a victory!  I really hope both of us can stay well for awhile now.

Eli wears some 12 month clothes but mostly 18 month.  He wears size 5 diapers and size 6 shoes.

He loves to climb and run and throw balls (and sometimes other toys and food), he can catch a balloon but still misses the balls for now.

He still loves music and dancing and has come up with his very own dancey dance (if you don't get this, you've never seen Yo Gabba Gabba).  His favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus and he even does the motions.

He's starting to doodle with crayons and on his Aquadoodle, but it still doesn't keep his attention for long.

He can sign "more", "all done", "thank you", "please", and most recently "love" which we are using to say I love you.  He also combines the "more" and "please" signs to ask for things.

He's learning new words all the time so I doubt I could list them all, but some of the most common are: mama, daddy, pappaw, doggy, ball, car, knock knock, out, please, cheese, more, blankie, hi, light, thank you.  He also clicks his tongue when he sees a picture of a duck or you ask what a duck says.  He hasn't learned to say no yet, which is probably good for our sake :)

He loves books, both playing with them and letting us read to him.  He still enjoys bath time, at least when it comes to playing in the water.

He is using a fork and spoon pretty well although food on the floor is inevitable.

I've said this before, but it is so amazing watching him grow. He does new things that surprise us all the time.  This past weekend he spent about 20 min. building with his mega blocks and when he finished he brought his building to me.  It was only 3 or 4 blocks tall but he was so proud of himself and so was I!

He LOVES blankies.  We have little security blankets that he carries around most of the time but he's really not picky, any blankie will do in a pinch.  He's always trying to grab the extra blankies we have in the house so the other day I went in his room and got every single baby blanket we have and dumped them in a pile in the living room.  Eli loved it!

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