Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Boy

Yesterday afternoon my mom and I were playing with Eli and trying to get him to walk back and forth between us.  He was holding on with one hand and going back and forth and then he got distracted and took two steps completely on his own!  As soon as he realized he wasn't holding on he sat down but we got really excited even by these few accidental steps.

Then later I was in the office doing some things on the computer and he came in and said "mama"!  He said it a couple of times that night so I know he knew what he was saying (as opposed to all the other times he's said mama, just because those sounds came out).

Then this afternoon I got a text from daycare:
Eli is no longer sleeping in a crib at daycare, he now sleeps on a nap mat like all the big kids!  I can't lie, I cried.  My baby is getting so big and that makes me really happy because I know what the alternative to growing up is.  But it makes me sad too because I know that in a blink he'll be starting kindergarten... moving to college... getting married... starting his own family.  It's moments like this when I really want to savor every second with him, when I vow not to forget or take for granted even one moment of his life!

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  1. So very cool! Before you know it he will be running through the house :)