Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This and That

Boy, it's been forever since I posted!  We have been so busy with the holidays I just haven't had time to sit down and write about it. 

Our holidays started with the Garth Brooks concert we attended in Nashville on our way to Kentucky to visit my extended family and some friends.  The concert was amazing.  Honestly, I see Garth in a whole new way now.  I didn't realize until that concert just how passionate he is about his music.  And the best part was watching Doug, who was completely mesmerized the entire time!  Best present I think I've ever given him, at least from my perspective.

The next day we made it to Kentucky and visited with my great-uncle, who rearranged his plans so that he could meet Eli.

We also hung out with my best friend and Eli's godmother, who happens to be expecting a little girl in February.  I was born in December and she was born the following July and we have a picture of her pregnant mom with me, so we had to take this chance to get a picture with her and Eli!

We also got to spend some time with the family of a little girl my mom took care of when we lived in Kentucky.  I say "little girl" because my mom watched her from birth until 2 years old.  She's really not a little girl anymore, she's in high school!!  That makes me feel really old.  And it also makes me realize how fast our lives go by.  It seems like just yesterday that my sister and I would lay this little girl down in the living room and have a crazy dance party while she laughed her head off.  She was probably about Eli's age when we did that.  So last week when Doug had to go to work and Eli and I were home alone, we had a crazy dance party... and he laughed about as much as she did way back then :)

By the time we got home, there were only a couple of days until Christmas.  We spent Christmas Eve with my family, went home Christmas day for our own celebration and then spent the day after Christmas with Doug's family.  Doug had to go to work one day during our vacation to pack up for his trip and then we spent New Year's Day with Doug's family. 

Then came Monday and a 1am departure time for Doug so that he could catch his early flight to Arizona for the BCS National Championship game.  If you're an Auburn fan, don't get too jealous, it's not a fun trip for him, it's all work and no play, just ask him!

Monday meant back to work for me as well which made it Eli's first day at daycare.  I worked it out with my boss so that I could be the one to drop him off.  It was really tough leaving him with someone I barely know but we made it through the day.  It's a home daycare and the ladies are wonderful.  We have gotten a picture every day so far!  It's so nice to get to see him even though I can't be there.

I'm hoping for some rest this weekend and some time with my scrapbooking my sister's scrapbooking.  My mom and I have been meaning to finish start my sister's wedding scrapbook for sometime now and with Doug gone and my mom at my house, I don't think we have any excuses!  I have plenty of scrapbooking to do for myself as well.  In fact, that's part of my New Year's resolutions, to get caught up with my scrapbooking.  I really do enjoy doing it, but I like being able to sit down and do as much as I want and take as long as I want and that's just not reality.  I'm going to have to learn to do a little here and a little there until I get it finished.  I've vowed to do all of my scrapbooking in chronological order because I'm hoping that not working on Eli's book right away will motivate me to get it done so I can focus on his book!

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