Monday, September 20, 2010


I am home from my appointment.  We have definitely made progress.  I am 2 cm dilated and my doctor has said that at the absolute latest we will induce at 39 weeks, which is just 2 weeks from now.  She seemed to think that I will labor on my own before that, but at least we know we will NOT be waiting until 41 weeks to meet our monster man!

My doctor said that I definitely do not have an incompetent cervix, which basically means that the problems we had with Logan were simply bad luck, not a failure of my body. 

I was contracting quite a bit yesterday and last night so my doctor told me to go walk and come back when I'm having contractions every 5 minutes for one hour.  I am hoping that time comes sooner rather than later :)


  1. Awesome Anna!

    Jenny and I praying for everything to go smooth - looking forward to meeting the little one.

  2. Yay! I have been thinking and praying for all of you and can't wait until your "monster man" decides to arrive. Walk lots and I hope he comes sooner rather than later.