Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Logan's Weight

In March I found a website called Remember Me Preemie.  The lady who runs the site makes preemie dolls.  The dolls are made to weigh the same weight as a real preemie at birth and she makes them any size from 11 weeks up to almost full term.  I, of course, ordered one almost immediately.  And I got it in the mail today.  I was utterly amazed when I pulled the doll out of the box.  At first glance, even I thought the doll was smaller than Logan but then I picked it up and put my finger in its hand.  It's amazing and I cannot explain how much the doll means to me already, it's a constant reminder that Logan had weight in this world.  I've hardly put it down since I opened the box.
It's an amazing feeling to hold this doll and know that Logan was this small and this light.  And I'm hopeful that in late September/early October I will be able to post pictures of this doll next to the new baby and talk about what an amazing size difference there is.


  1. Anna- that is so neat! And you said how nice it was to hold him without tubes and in a way you can do that whenever you want now. I hope everything is going well. Talk to you soon! Have a great night!