Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Recipes & the Death of a Monkey

My sister moved in with Doug and I the day we got married. And she's a little picky about what she eats. So for the past 3 years, I've been cooking pretty much exactly the same things week after week. Now that she's engaged, she eats at her fiance's house every night, so I decided to do a little something different.

I was given several cookbooks when we got married. So last week I went though each cookbook and picked out the recipes that I thought sounded edible. I wrote down the name of each recipe on a slip of paper and put all the slips in a big bowl.

Then we drew one out and ate this for dinner.

And it was actually pretty good! I'm learning a lot already. For example, oleo is really just margarine. And this week we're going to be having Hamburger Stew.

Now, about the monkey. When Doug and I buy dog toys, we never know which ones are going to be loved to death and which ones are going to be ignored. A few weeks ago we bought this monkey for the dogs.

It got destroyed very quickly. And Doug swore that it was my sister's dog that did the destroying. Which was believable, because she LOVES to destroy squeaky toys. So we bought a second monkey since they loved the first one so much.

And now we have photographic proof of the violence:

Levi, who has earned the nickname The Beast because of his size, is now The Destroyer as well!

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  1. I have recipes that are quick and easy. Let me know is you'd like copies. Please continue to pray for us. We love you guys and you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. I love to read your blog. My dog doesn't play with anything, her favorite thing to do is eat, sleep and well you know the other. Ashton made it into the gifted program at school. We have been doing the Judgement House drama at church this week, wednesday night 309 people came through and 90 decisions for Christ and thursday night 328 people came through and 65 decisions for Christ we have saturday night to go and we are praying for more decisons. Hope to see ya soon! Take care.