Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Football & Photography

I'm not really a sports fan.

So maybe I should have thought a little bit before marrying an ex-football player.

Doug LOVES sports. Pretty much any sport will do: football, baseball, NASCAR, etc. And it doesn't even matter what team is playing. A couple of weeks ago he sat down to watch the Miami vs. Florida State game and I asked who he was cheering for. When he told me that he didn't really like either team, I immediately asked why we were watching. His answer? "I know it will be a good game".

Me on the other hand, I have to have a team to cheer for to watch sports. As a teenager, I watched baseball to cheer for my beloved Braves (who aren't really so beloved to me anymore). When Doug and I started dating and I was forced asked to watch more and more NFL, I started cheering for the Titans and the Colts. When NASCAR season came around, I picked Tony Stewart as MY driver (mostly because he wasn't Dale Earnhart Jr.).

So, when Doug asked me to go to the Troy vs. Florida game with him I agreed only because I would be watching Troy. But while I was there (in an attempt to keep me on the field instead of the press box), I found a way to enjoy football!

A lot of stadiums will not let you stay on the sidelines unless you are doing something. So I took my Nikon D60 and took pictures throughout the game.

My camera and lenses (while very nice) don't hold a candle to the cameras and lenses the professionals use at these games, so I didn't expect to get much.

After the game, Doug and I stayed the night in a town about an hour north of Gainesville. At the hotel, I plugged in my camera card to see what I had gotten. It was then that I decided to search out editing software.

If you don't have editing software or you haven't tried it out, you NEED to google Picasa! It's free and while it probably wouldn't stand up to the amazing things Photoshop and Lightroom can do, for the price, it's amazing. Let me just show you:



Picasa even allows you to create a collage by simply selecting the pictures you want and then clicking one button:

So I guess what I'm saying is, I may be enjoying football more now. And I'm definitely enjoying my photography more!

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  1. I am so glad I got you that camera. YaY for football