Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Good and the Bad

Yesterday was a BAD day.

First, I realized all of a sudden that June is almost here. I'm not really looking forward to that month.

Then I read MckMama's blog about Stellan's not so great test results. It made me think about the hospital stay she is enduring and in turn, the hospital stay we endured.

Then I watched Grey's Anatomy. If you watch the show, you know why I cried.

And to sum it all up, Doug and I took Callie (the Westie) and Bella (the Jack Rat) on a walk and Max (the cat) followed behind us like always. But yesterday was a BAD day, and while we were less than 30 feet away from him, he was hit by a car. Max was a great cat and luckily he did not suffer but it was so hard.

Today was a GOOD day.

We walked 2 1/2 miles for babies today.

There were hundreds of people at the event and it was a lot of fun.

Balloons were released in memory of the babies who died.

Did I mention that we walked 2 1/2 miles?

And Molly finished first! (from our small team that is)

I'm sure that everyone there had a story or a reason for being there, here's one. There was a wonderful Mommy who had a son who was born and died on the same day at just 20 weeks gestation. She was at the walk with her daughter who was born at 33 weeks and is now 6 months old. She told us that the babies were born 10 years apart and she told us how blessed they were to have their daughter.

Today was a Logan Day.

Before the walk we went to Jeffers Pets and we were asked about our shirts and told our story. At the walk people asked about our shirts, and we told our story. After the walk, we went to Logan's (Roadhouse, that is) and the waitress asked about the March for Babies.

And on another note...

This little guy was brought into our lives when we stopped by Petsmart after the March. I didn't realize I was ready, but I guess I am. Let me know if you have any name ideas!

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