Saturday, January 17, 2015



My sweet, sweet baby girl!  I am absolutely blown away how fast the past two years have passed!  The day you were born was such a miracle and you continue to be a huge blessing in my life.  You fulfill my dreams of having a little princess in the house.

"Princess" is actually your new favorite word and you LOVE wearing outfits with princess on them, dressing in princess dresses or wearing a crown.  You also love clothes in general, jewelry, play shoes and your "bag".  You also love animals, especially cats.  Kitty goes just about everywhere with us.

You love to cuddle with mama but now if I ask for a kiss you say no just to tease me.  You are definitely stubborn and adventurous.  You climb everything you can reach and chase your big brother everywhere.  You want to do everything he does even if it means getting hurt.

You love Frozen, Tangled, Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins.  You know most of the songs and you sing and dance every time you hear music.  I love watching you twirl around our living room, listening to you sing and having dance parties with you.  At Christmas Pappaw danced with you and now when you turn on music you typically hold out two hands for the closest person to dance with.

You are not a big fan of riding in your car seat but you love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals.  There's not really any food you don't like but you have moments when you refuse to eat unless we give you a fork.  You typically pick up the food, put it on the fork and then put it in your mouth, but you're learning.  You like to color but all the crayons have to be dumped out before you're done.  And we have to keep them put away because you will color on the table, the floor, yourself, or any other available surface.  You are constantly into something!  We have to keep anything we don't want you getting a hold of locked up or you will get it somehow.  You love getting Daddy's wallet which will probably be a trend that continues throughout your life ;)

You are such a good little sister and you love your brother more than anyone else.  Even when he's being bossy you typically give him what he wants without any fuss.  Earlier this week Eli told me that you were going to be his "Mom" (he meant wife) when you grow up.  I explained that he can't marry you because you are his sister, but I think that really shows how much he loves you.

We love you so much sweet girl!  You completed our family and I don't know what we would do without you.    I absolutely love watching you grow!  And even though I wish time would slow down, I'm so excited to see who you become!

Love always,

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