Monday, September 17, 2012

Third Time's a Charm

When I was admitted to the hospital during Logan's pregnancy we did not know what we were having.  I told them right away that I wanted to know as soon as possible.  The next day they did an ultrasound and told me we were having a baby girl, two weeks later we would find out they were wrong.  Then with Eli, Doug and I were both convinced that it was a girl, even the ultrasound tech told me she thought it was a girl early on.

But this time, we are finally getting our little girl!

I told Doug a week or two ago that I was convinced we were having a girl.  Even though all the old wives' tales pointed to a boy, I just had a gut feeling.

Miss Emily seems to be perfect for the moment.  She was measuring between 20-21 weeks and weighs about 13 oz.  We got to see both hands and feet, a four chamber heart, two kidneys, a stomach, a full bladder and a brain.  The placenta looked good and so did the umbilical cord and fluid levels.  I was honestly a little worried that something might be wrong just because I have felt her moving so strongly already, even Doug has felt her moving and neither of my boys moved this strong this soon.

She was turned into my back just like Eli and didn't want to show off her face too much but the ultrasound tech managed to get a couple of looks so we could see her profile and nose and lips.  She also made it difficult by putting her hand in front of her face most of the time.  The ultrasound tech actually asked me what I ate for breakfast because Emily was wiggling so much and when I told her I specifically avoided sugar, eating scrambled eggs for breakfast she said "You better hope she slows down before she's born or you're going to have your hands full!" 


I didn't tell her that full is the way I like them :)

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  1. Our daughter seemed to move around with all the songrams too but she is not particularly hyper... She is a squirmy wormy though and likes to make a lot of little movements and moves her head back and forth when she's sleepy. I think you feel babies move increasingly more earlier after you have had other pregnancies... Not sure if this is because you know whats what or things developing faster because the body has done it before. Congratulations! How exciting! I hope you enjoy this moment as much as you possibly can! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy ~ Nicole (Nandm Pair on FB)