Friday, October 21, 2011


After painting our kitchen, office and both bathrooms last summer I have been itching to get the last of the "builder brown" out of our house.  We have known we wanted to paint the living room gray for a while but hadn't decided on an exact shade until this fall.  We bought the paint and materials weeks ago and this week we're finally getting it painted!

Here's the living room with it's new gray...

The wall part of the tray ceiling is painted the same shade as the hall, which is lighter than the shade in the living room.  Here's the hall...

We have so much more to do in these spaces.  We are going to do a photo wall in the hallway and a tree will be painted on the short wall in our living room and pictures will go there too.  Below is the inspiration for the tree which I found here
I am planning to make fabric circles with pictures in them instead of leaves.

And eventually I'm going to paint my frames in the hall so that my photo wall looks something like this but with more pictures (and my frames aren't that fancy)

Then there's the master bedroom.  We've just started on it this morning, so there are no pictures, but here's my inspiration...

The bottom will be "paneling" like in this picture which I found on Pinterest here

The top will be stripes based loosely on these

I cannot wait to see it all come together.  I am also painting two of the doors in my room a shade of red (more maroon-y than fire engine).  That part is a little scary to me but I've seen a bunch of painted doors on Pinterest that I really like so I'm going to try it out to see what I think. Worse case scenario I just repaint them later.

Before we painted our house the first time I was almost afraid to try out bright colors but now I say bring it on!  I love making my house "ours", I know that there are lots of people that probably think I'm crazy, but you know what, it's just a little paint :)

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